Saturday, April 30, 2005

Neighbourhood Askari Lucy!

Who is your mother? No one plays loud music next to my house hata kama wewe ni Mkubwa wa World Bank!! Drama as Lucy's sleep is disturbed! Check this out. What did i tell you?

Sizzling hot!!!
Mrs Kibaki was protesting that the music was too loud. First signs that there might be trouble were seen in the afternoon when technicians and musicians were setting up and testing the sound system. Mrs Kibaki came over and ordered them to dismantle everything.
They only resumed after Mr Diop consulted State House and told them to proceed. Then at night when the party was getting into full swing, Mrs Kibaki stormed in accompanied by bodyguards, demanding that the music be switched off.

Singer Eric Wainaina recalls: "I was still on stage preparing to do my second song when she turned up. She had like five bodyguards and ordered the music to be stopped from playing. It was so embarrassing since she is the First Lady and even diplomats had been invited.

"She could not listen to anyone, not even to Mr Diop himself. In fact she started asking irrelevant questions such as ‘who is your mother?’ It was so bad. What she was wearing was not very clear to me, but it looked more like some blue track suit or pyjamas."
Mercy Myra concurred, telling her version of the same incident, and recalling how Mrs Kibaki came in at around midnight yelling at the guests to leave.

"She shouted at Mr Diop that he would not be allowed to disrupt her peace just because he is leaving the country," Mercy said.
Some of those present witnessed Mrs Kibaki trying to unplug the music system and shouting that "This is Muthaiga, not Korogocho".
She told the guests that they could go and continue their party in Korogocho, one of Nairobi's biggest slums.

She paid no heed to Mr Diop's explanations, even as the World Bank executive tried to tell her that he had informed President Kibaki about the party, and the president had no problem with it.

Mrs Kibaki came to the residence three times, ignoring angry party goers who started singing in defiance. On her last call at around 1.00am, she was denied entry by the security guards and went away.

Two of her children, Judy and David, were present Mummy Mummy Stop it! Stop it, you are embarassing us!

Mrs.Kibaki:You can continue it in Korogocho!!!

This mama is nuts!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Gidigidi majimaji US tour

I got a chance to go for their concert.In my opinion they are a very energetic pair! Have you ever danced so seriously to a song you cant even hear whats going on but it sounds good!After waiting for 3 and a half hours for the show to start,one it was a sunday and most Kenyans were working but am glad some tokead to represent! It was a lively show really appreciated the music. Especially their latest song 'Many Faces'.
Met with my high school classmate,ever met one away from home either they are friendly or they lenga you altogether,saa hiyo you are so happy to see them but the expression on their faces is like' Ahhh.... yet another one!'. Its all good.

Kibaki Meme

Kibaki meme.
Kijiti ya thinker, bankelele na githush..., we go!
1 a. Do u think Kibaki is LAZY?
hes been waiting so long to be president,that he doesnt believe hes president.Sleep on zzzzzzzzzz....
1 b. Give an instance of when he portrayed LAZINESS as president.
How can he send his wife to announce that he'll be running in 2007,in my opinion hes too lazy to announce it himself!
2 a. What trait do u find the single most detrimental to the national cause?
His 'hands off' approach to problems in Kenya and the fact that they go to great lengths to hide which minister stole money where! Implicating that they are all involved the whole basket of potatoes gone bad!

4. Do you wonder where Wambui, the Hillary Rodham of Kenya, ever went to?
I know she's going about her normal business and living in her nice house in Lavington happily ever after.In fact she gained from the press coverage.
5. Do you care How much influence the First Lady has over decisions made by the president?
It is very clear she is running the govt.What am worried about is how much influence Kibaki has over his wife?
7. Did you vote in 2002 General Elections? (must answer). Yes and i happened to be a polling clerk, saw how misinformed voters were.Some came with their voting card and a corresponding flier for the consecutive party,removing them together at the same time.If Kanu had made a rally in that area Kanu it was,NARC came visiting NARC it was.. Not the policies advocated by either party but the their appearance in that area,where i was located that was the first time they had seeen these politicians in real life and never again have they seen them
8 a. Do you care?
It doesnt really matter what i care,th egovt right now is just stashing money away and until theres an overhaul of Govt, i have no comment since its "nonconsequential"as Raila with all due respect ever put it.