Friday, March 18, 2005

School In the U.s

Hi, i had the chance to go to university in Kenya before i came to the U.S. Kenyan students are a much happier lot they like to talk to each other,find out whats going on in each others' life.I was so shocked my first class no one was friendly they are all so cold and insensitive.Am getting used to it tho. The multiple choice questions which were left in primary are back at the university level.It should qualify to be called 'Reverse brain development' i feel more daft than i was a few years ago.Anyways i guess its called development first world! Kudos to all those Kenyan lecturers giving very hard CATs it helps academic devt.
I miss Kenyan music the most.Capital and Kiss online are misbehaving when its the shows most of us want to hear like The top 30 count down they cant play the music online.I wish they could do something! especially today on Friday. Lovely weekend.
Weekends in Kenya are full of fun here if you are not drinking you are sitting here like me blogging for fun.Enjoy it while you u can.