Sunday, October 09, 2005


A few observations.......

1. Nime fanya job 52 hours in two days,dont ask me how!!!Am asked what i smoke? SUNFLOWER SEEDS!

2. Michael Jackson remember the trial he proved to us (humans) that we are afraid of a 'super' human being. Alikuwa mblack sasa mwhite na bado nimnoma either way white or black actually i think his life is a statement,either way am good at what i do choose how you want me? Chaguo ni lako!
Everybody knows him even in villages in Zimbabwe. We fail to understand how much power he commands just from his music.And some of us derive pleasure from seeing such a human being been pinned down. His music is truly inspiring.

Reminds me of Sukuma bin Ongaro!

3. Am not a kadiehard MJ fan i just give credit where its due!!!

4. Whats the issue with Kenyans getting drunk and fighting?

Good week Y'all.