Tuesday, August 09, 2005

National Aids vaccine Program- The constant gardener!

I remember last year we had all these media incentives to volunteer for the National Aids Vaccine program in Kenya asking for 18-25 year olds Aids Negative to volunteer for the research and development of the Aids Vaccine apparently the vaccine wasnt developed. Some ended up positive even though that possibility had been ruled out.

Not trying to thaw the noble true intent of the program but if our people were being used as guinea pigs just to get the drug written 'Human tested' at the label. Hell No.

The Constant Gardener is coming out on the theatres http://www.theconstantgardener.com/ on 26th august. The corruption is contagious,Pharmaceautical companies using Kenya as a guinea pig ,we are sacrificing our intergrity and our people lives just for money!
Even the setting is in Kenya!

Eagerly waiting to see the movie and i know for sure it will be disturbing!