Friday, May 19, 2006

Furahi DAY

THE GOOD the BAd and the UGLY!

1.I am off!(work i mean)

2. Going to watch the DA vinci Code.

3. Slept a full one this morning,been having trouble with that.

4. Its 90 degrees outside i am going swimming.

5. Eating good lunch today,appetite had gone with the wind.

6. In short i am having a ka good day,i am kind of happy!

HOPe YOu are tooo.

1. Some kenyan websites have issues ati now theres the main log in then ati "media access pass required,"what the ?#%%&*

2.Si you know like i know Kenyans are drunkards, specifically blandaa cam.And the thing is i know this people,i actually know them,they are actually my friends,they have inspiration from half BAKED-Dave chapelle!
all in all they know how to have a blast

3. My phone has a rectangular pretzel shaped icon for voice mail on its screen,and even if i listen and delete all the messages its still visible!AARRGGHHH!! I cant stand it. Lokked at it technically combed thru the kimanual wapi!! oh rectangular pretzel is the only was to remove you rectorially,acha kufikiria hivyo as in using a rectangular vector method!!??

Am not done,Ngoja kidogo!