Monday, May 02, 2005

Lucy drama continues

Today's nation she now wants Diop arrested, she has now stormed the police station !! Twice when will this nonsense end!!!How much more embarrassment is Lucy gonna cost us. Kibaki are you an African man,The guy who's president of kenya ama asleep in state house!

Now its not funny anymore,its becoming sad.Whats next,Lucy?


I have three exams tomorrow but it looks like theres a lot of interesting articles to read allover the blogosphere! Had timed myself from 2.30 i'd be back to finish chapter 33 wapi now its 3.08pm.still looking at how everyones life is interesting.

Have you ever noticed the day you have exams near so many interesting plots come along,like Wednesday the damian concert. It was wicked! I had a kenyan impromptu bash on Thursday,amazingly interesting in school.Friday a hot hanye in town, Sato a serious college night in campo, Sunday a kenyan Dj gig. Manze i have a few hours and three exams to tackle kesho and am still blogging.

Ngoja next week when i have all the time there will be nothing fun to do! Let me pull myself away.....