Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dede feeding escapades

Back in the day
In primo we used to catch dede's(grasshoppers) and especially the big ones(locusts) put in in your desk yani "your own personal dede".

Then you take a fresh blade of grass and feed the dede! The big ones used to eat fasta fasta,at break time you fungia it in your desk til break is over come back witha fresh piece of nyasi(grass) and give it its break.

Unfortunately it was a day school and we used to take a mat home about forty min drive .It couldnt survive the long journey so you lock it in your desk and woishe in the morning you'd find it dead! legs up in the air.

In our school we had a pastor called Reuben he used to do the requiem mass.We dig a hole,put the 'dede' in a match box and flowers on top of the grave and a little wooden cross.Say final prayers!

Oh this story i remembered a couple of days a go saw a one-legged dede outside my door!!

Dede stories anyone??